The Best Dental Implant Marketing Plan

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This blog was extensively updated and expanded on 3/5/24.

The Best Dental Implant Marketing Plan

Dental implant marketing should be based off of the best possible plan.


Modern dental implant practice is a dynamic and growing field. Many dentists feel overwhelmed as they look at the growing competition for dental implant customers. 


They know that dental implant marketing is the key to keeping their name in front of consumers, and its importance only continues to expand in the current competitive environment.


But what’s the KEY to successful dental implant marketing? 


It only takes 3 words to answer that question: A Great Plan.


Every practice requires a well-thought-out plan for successful dental implant marketing.


In this blog, we’ll discuss what a dental implant marketing plan is, give you 8 reasons to make a plan, look at a number of specific types of plans, and finally give you the best overarching strategy behind whatever plan you put together.


Ready to go?


Let’s dive in!


What Is a Dental Implant Marketing Plan?

The Best Dental Implant Marketing Plan


As we said, successful dental implant marketing requires a well-thought-through plan. This plan will provide a framework for your advertising, preventing experimentation and ineffective spending on random marketing channels.  


A great dental implant marketing plan consists of 3 things: (1) The overarching impression it will leave, (2) the ways it will accomplish the following goals, and (3) the specifics of the content placement in order to reach prospective customers.


Here are 5 goals that a dental implant marketing plan should help you reach:

  1. Present the practice as uniquely positioned to serve people who need dental implant services. 
  2. Build awareness of the life transformation that dental implants represent
  3. Provide a built-in compass for establishing trust and credibility with these people 
  4. Establish a way to measure ROI
  5. Be a roadmap for navigating successfully through the ever-changing landscape of dental marketing


In order to fill all of these lofty goals a dental implant marketing plan has to include the first element:


You need to know the OVERARCHING IMPRESSION that you want dental implant marketing to leave on prospective patients’ minds!


We’ll talk about the BEST overarching impression in the last sections of this blog post.


The specifics of the plan for reaching prospective patients vary. (We’ll look at those specifics below in the section “Types of Dental Implant Marketing Plans.”)


Let’s keep reading.


8 Reasons You Should Have a Dental Implant Marketing Plan

The Best Dental Implant Marketing Plan


However, before we look at what a great dental implant marketing plan looks like,  let’s look a little more closely at why any dental practice should have a plan.


Here are 8 reasons to develop and implement a dental implant marketing plan. 

  1. Attracting Patients: As we said this is the fundamental goal of any dental implant marketing plan. We must target and attract individuals with missing teeth or those considering alternatives like dentures or bridges.
  2. Building Awareness: Many people are still unaware of the advancements in dental implant technology or the benefits they offer. You need a dental implant marketing plan to educate your community about the life-changing advantages of dental implants. Too many people are still stuck with dentures.
  3. Competitive Edge: In a competitive dental market, you must set your practice apart. Having a marketing strategy can allow dentists to see the holes in current community implant marketing and target them. 
  4. Establishing Credibility: A comprehensive marketing plan allows dentists to build credibility with consumers who need dental implants. Patients are more likely to choose a dentist who is perceived as an expert in implant treatment. (More on this below.)
  5. Targeted Marketing: This well-thought-out plan has the added benefit of greater marketing efficiency, allowing dentists to target the specific Baby Boomer demographics or high-end geographic areas where there may be a higher demand for dental implant services. 
  6. Online Presence: Of course, your plan is all about maintaining a strong online presence, an essential component of success in today’s world. This online presence will consist of  your professional website, all the necessary social media channels, and online advertising, whether paid or organic.
  7. Patient Education: Education is essential for patient’s trust in a dental implant provider. Dental implant marketing plans should include educational materials and content aimed at TEACHING patients everything they should know about dental implants. Educated patients are more likely to choose a practice with a strong marketing plan and presence.
  8. Return on Investment (ROI): Implementing a marketing plan allows you to track the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing plan and assess the return on investment. This will provide the framework to make changes and plan for the future.


Types of Dental Implant Marketing Plans

The Best Dental Implant Marketing Plan


Since we know WHY we should have a plan, what would the specifics of a plan look like?


Here are 8 main types of dental implant marketing plans that practices can use to reach their community.  

  1. Online Marketing Plan:
    • Develop a professional and user-friendly website with dedicated pages highlighting dental implant services.
    • Implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve online visibility.
    • Utilize online advertising, including PPC campaigns, to target your specific audiences searching for dental implant information.
    • Leverage social media platforms to share educational content, success stories, and engage with your community.
  2. Content Marketing Plan:
    • Create informative blog posts, articles, and videos that educate patients about the benefits of dental implants, the implant process, and aftercare.
    • Develop downloadable resources such as e-books or guides that provide in-depth information about dental implants.
    • You could even guest post on relevant healthcare websites or collaborate with influencers to expand reach.
  3. Email Marketing Campaign:
    • Build a segmented email list and send targeted newsletters with information about dental implants.
    • Implement drip campaigns to guide potential patients through the decision-making process.
    • Share success stories, testimonials, and promotional offers through email.
  4. Patient Education Workshops:
    • Organize regular workshops at the dental practice to educate patients about dental implants.
    • Provide interactive sessions, Q&A opportunities, and hands-on models to enhance understanding.
    • Offer exclusive workshop promotions to encourage attendance.
  5. Local Community Outreach Plan:
    • Participate in local community events, health fairs, or sponsor local sports teams to increase visibility.
    • Offer free seminars or workshops on dental implants to educate the community.
    • Collaborate with local businesses for cross-promotional opportunities.
  6. Patient Referral Program:
    • Establish a referral program where existing patients are incentivized to refer others for dental implant consultations.
    • Provide referral cards or digital referral options to make the process easy for current patients.
    • Offer discounts or other incentives for successful referrals.
  7. Testimonial and Case Study Plan:
    • Encourage satisfied patients to share their success stories through written testimonials, video testimonials, or before-and-after case studies.
    • Display these testimonials prominently on the website and in marketing materials.
    • Ensure patient privacy compliance when sharing case studies.
  8. Professional Networking Plan:
    • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals, such as general dentists, orthodontists, or oral surgeons, for referrals.
    • Attend local dental conferences or networking events to establish relationships with colleagues.
    • Provide educational sessions for local dental study clubs.


Wow! Quite a list, isn’t it?


But that’s not all, because each of these plans can be further tweaked to fit your practice’s needs and goals. 


How Do Dental Implant Patients Really Think?

The Best Dental Implant Marketing Plan


These specifics will help us reach these prospective patients, but, as we said, the first thing a dental implant marketing plan should include is the overarching impression it wants to leave on prospective patients’ minds.  


And for that, we need to know this: How do patients think about dental implants?


Although we’ve touched strongly on it as we have discussed the reasons for a plan and the different types of plans, focusing on how the patients actually think will point us in the direction of the BEST dental implant marketing overarching strategy.


If we know how they think, we will understand how to leave the impression that we want to leave with our dental implant marketing. (More on this in a moment.)



 A well-crafted plan to reach dental implant patients is important because they differ from other dental patients. Implant patients face significant knowledge and personal trust gaps, among which are the following:


  1. They possess a very limited understanding of the product and procedure, namely implants and the way that they work.
  2. They understand the symptoms (they hate their dentures) but are uncertain as to whether or not implants are the true solution.
  3. The price tag looks high and is – usually thousands of dollars.
  4. The end result is unknown (since most people don’t know that many times dental implants have a 98% success rate).



The Best Overarching Impression That Your Marketing Can Leave

The Best Dental Implant Marketing Plan


These very uncertainties, however, give us the clue to the BEST possible impression that our marketing can leave with them, which is this:


Position Yourself as the Dental Implant Expert in Your Community!


This is more than just pie-in-the-sky.


It should truly be your grand goal for ALL your dental implant marketing!

Why is positioning yourself as the expert such a powerful overarching strategy for your dental implant marketing plan? It is because it rests on 4 pillars that directly address the 4 hurdles listed above.


  1. It allows you the authority to give out implant information.
  2. It helps prospective patients to trust that implants are the solution they have been seeking.
  3. It justifies in people’s minds the expense of the procedure.
  4. It gives them more faith in the long-term efficacy of the solution.


For you as the dentist, taking “Becoming the Implant Expert in Your Community” as your marketing plan will give you a measuring stick with which to judge all your ads and campaigns, no matter which type of campaign you are running in your community. 


In other words, you will have a much better idea of both how to reach the goals of your dental implant marketing and the specific plan to use when you know the overarching impression you want to leave.


You can always ask, “Is this going to contribute to my position as the implant expert in my community?” 


Wrapping It Up

A marketing plan with the overarching strategy of “Becoming the Implant Expert in Your Community” will give you the plan needed to stay the course for the time that marketing can take to show results.


This well-thought-through dental implant marketing plan will allow you to communicate the value of your implant services and build a thriving practice in YOUR community!


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The Best Dental Implant Marketing Plan

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