The Dental Implant Marketing Plan That Positions You As The Expert

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Dental implant marketing is extremely important for the future of your practice because of the present and future projected value of the dental implant sector.


The global dental implant market is valued at 4.6B in 2022. Experts estimate that it will more than double in the next 7 years, growing to 9.6B by 2030. The opportunity for profits on implants for you as a dentist is immense.


But you need a plan for dental implant marketing.


The Reason for a Dental Implant Marketing Plan


An implant marketing plan will allow you to be much more effective than if you simply throw money in several advertising directions just to see what happens, trying a Facebook ad here and a Tiktok video there for instance. A marketing plan will give you an overarching goal and allow you to stay the course for the time that marketing can take to show results.


 A well-crafted plan to reach dental implant patients is doubly important because they are different from other dental patients. Implant patients face significant knowledge and personal trust gaps, among which are the following:



      1. They possess very limited understanding of the product and procedure, namely implants and the way that they work.
      2. They understand the symptoms (they hate their dentures) but are uncertain as to whether or not implants are the true solution.
      3. The price tag looks high, and is – usually thousands of dollars.
      4. The end result is unknown (since most people don’t know that many times dental implants have a 98% success rate).




    These very uncertainties, however, give you the clue to the most powerful possible dental marketing plan, which is this:

    Become the Dental Implant Expert in Your Community!


    The Best Dental Marketing Plan


    Why is positioning yourself as the expert such a powerful marketing plan? It is because it rests on 4 pillars that directly address the 4 hurdles listed above.


        • It allows you the authority to give out implant information.

        • It helps prospective patients to trust that implants are the solution they have been seeking.

        • It justifies in people’s minds the expense of the procedure.

        • It gives them more faith in the long-term efficacy of the solution.

      For you as the dentist, taking Becoming the Implant Expert as your marketing plan gives you a measuring stick with which to judge all your ads and campaigns. “Is this going to contribute to my position as the implant expert in my community?” It also gives you a reason and purpose for all your efforts.


      You, also, now know WHO you are. The results of your marketing no longer need to define you. This kind of confidence will, over time, seep into every interaction with your patients and produce exactly the results that you want.


      How Do You Begin To Position Yourself as the Expert in Your Dental Implant Marketing?


      Here are some ways to begin to execute this plan:


          • Educate, educate, educate your prospective patients about implants and the options available

          • Give VALUE freely. That’s what experts do.

          • Show your face in your ads.

          • Don’t be afraid to charge high fees. People expect this of experts.
          • Research what questions people are asking about implants and answer them in your advertising.


        Above all, take the time to close the knowledge gaps that your patients come to you with. Make sure that implants, as the solution that you’re offering, make sense to them.


        And if they are seeing you as the expert, this will not be nearly so difficult to accomplish as it otherwise would.


        If you need help positioning yourself as the expert in your community, reach out to the EXPERTS at positioning expertsClient Connection Group.


        We has a wealth of experience helping their clients execute this exact dental implant marketing plan and become the experts in their communities!


        And the results have been spectacular because, remember, people LISTEN to experts!


        Reach out to Client Connection Group today and find out just how much your community has been needing a dental implant expert!

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