Your Phone, Your Most Important Dental Implant Marketing Tool

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Do you know the most valuable piece of dental implant marketing equipment in your office?

It’s your phone! 

“Phone?” you say.

“Not my cone beam CT scanner or my brand-new room just outfitted to the tune of $50,000?”


Although your CT scanner is worth a fortune and your room is the latest and greatest, neither of them, as you know, brings in the patients.

You can have all the equipment in the world, but without patients, those pieces aren’t going to earn you a dime.

Dental Implant Marketing and Your Phone

And that’s where your office phone comes in. Although patients today expect to interact with their dentist on social media and much communication is done through email, many patients, and especially new patients, still prefer to place an old-fashioned phone call to the dentist office. (See statistics below.)

And sometimes the case in question and, by extension the phone call, could be a 20K-50K implant case!

If your office staff routinely misses these dental implant marketing calls because they’re too busy with other things, you are definitely missing out because prospective patients will simply move on to the practice down the street that is actually answering their office phone!

Here are some statistics from last year:

      • 80% of business communication still occurs through the telephone.

      • 70% of mobile web searchers often end up calling a business from the ad that appears in the search.

      • Around 87% of new patients that are directed to a voicemail, put on hold, or not appropriately greeted never call back!


    According to recent statistics, the average dental office in North America answers 80% of calls that come in from prospective patients. Out of these callers, the staff at this average dental office converts less than half of them into new dentist appointment.

    By contrast, the top 10% of dental practices answer about 95% of the calls and convert about 75% of these callers into new appointments.

    We all know which end of the spectrum we want to be on.

    But even if you’re fairly certain that your practice’s performance rates about average, don’t despair. And you don’t even necessarily have to go out and hire a new front-office manager or any new office staff.

     As you know, help can be hard to find and your staff is probably doing just about everything else extremely well. It’s just those phone calls and that lead nurturing.

    So what to do to make certain that you capture those valuable phone calls and move into the top 10% of dental practices?

    Get Dental Implant Marketing Help

    If your practice needs it, consider reaching out for the assistance that you need. Seek out a dental implant marketing company that offers these services and will come alongside your office staff and assist you with answering your phones and doing follow-up from dental implant marketing ads.

    In fact, Client Connection Group has a program that may perfectly answer your needs!   

    Client Connection Group employs a team of trained personnel to handle all the follow-up and lead nurturing as patients call your office from the dental implant marketing ads we run for our client dentists.


    Since our trained staff have no other duties, their rates of conversion far exceed the level of normal office staff.

    These talented people take all the calls, handle all the scheduling, and your staff doesn’t lift a finger until the patient walks through the door!

    Your staff is thus freed up to concentrate on the thousand and one other duties that are involved with running an office.

    Sound attractive?

    Let Client Connection Group assist your office staff today and make sure that no more $20-50K phone calls are missed!

    Reach out today!

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